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Mobile Auto Detailing

We offer Professional Window Tinting & Auto Detailing services in the greater Pittsburgh area!

Elevate Your Drive with Our Auto Window Tinting Services

Auto Window Tinting

A cooler cabin puts less demand on your vehicle’s air conditioner and results in better engine performance. Also, it allows you to drive safely with uv mobile window tinting solutions.

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Paint Correction

 Our Auto Paint Correction services are designed to restore the luster and shine of your car’s exterior, making it look as good as new.

Ceramic Coating

Are you looking for superior auto ceramic coating services in the greater Pittsburgh area? Vehicle owners can turn to Diamond Pro Detailing for the best price and service in the area.


Steam Cleaning

Ready to remove that build-up, dirt, funk and grime from overtime in the interior and exterior of your car. We professionally steam clean to restore your car seats to a brand new look.

wheel and tire cleaning

Auto Services

Are you looking for superior specialty auto services including Headlight Restoration, Wheel Restoration, Engine Bay Cleaning, & many other essentials for your auto detailing needs?